Our working method in the crisis Management

Consulting approach: Security measures and security-conscious behaviour

We advise companies, associations, authorities and private individuals on security matters. To this end, we develop security concepts based on forensic-psychological findings. The main focus lies on the comparison between specific threat scenarios and efficient security concepts which can be used effectively but also economically to counter threats. The behavioural and motivational aspects of the groups of persons involved are particularly significant to us: We explore psychological dispositions and behavioural patterns of certain groups of offenders. We also consider the psychological impact of security measures on persons/families to be protected. Our focus also lies on group-dynamic aspects regarding decision making in crisis management groups.

Finally, we advise on the development and design of crisis communication based on psychological findings. Experiences we gained from our work in organisational consulting help us with matters such as how to structure “security” as an organisational unit and to develop, integrate and implement it within a company from an organisational point of view.


Scope of our consulting services: Analysis, conception and implementation

We support our clients in preventive matters and in critical situations. We advise you on the analysis of your threats, and develop security concepts, which we monitor during implementation and continuous updating. This also includes the development of emergency and crisis plans, or the establishment of centralised and decentralised crisis management organisations at home and abroad. Only through this comprehensive approach can we ensure that the risk to persons, institutions, their respective tangible and intangible assets and their public image is efficiently limited. This also means consciously accepting defined residual risks due to technical or economic reasons. In these cases, we clearly outline patterns of occurrence and the probability of such calculated residual risks occurring for our client, so that we can initiate the appropriate reactions without undue delay and in a structured manner together with the client, should a crisis occur.


Consulting background: Practical experience and methodical analysis

Due to our membership in crisis management groups, we have gained extensive practical experience in crisis management in numerous cases of threats, extortion and abductions. We see our methodical processing of this experience as an integral part of our work. Our basic research is based on our insights into the typical course of acts of violence, juvenile delinquency, behavioural structures and the environment of violent groups of persons as well as the systematic recording and analysis of hostage situations and abductions. Many of our concepts have also become standards, and are, for example, part of the training of train attendants or flight attendants of renowned airlines. A great number of crisis management groups base their approach on our recommendations.