Our basic research

The basis for all our concepts of practical security consulting are our many years of experience in the area of conflict research. The results of our systematic analyses help us to evaluate and make predictions regarding the motivation of an offender, the interaction between offender and victim as well as the influencing factors and the dynamic of the course of events. Appropriate strategies for prevention in severe cases of threats and extortion, can be derived from this for the purpose of negotiating with product extortionists, abductors or hostage-takers. Our research activities comprise the following areas:


Hostage situations and abductions

A study based on interaction analysis and motivational psychology


Abductions and their regularities

Analysis of approximately 100 prominent abductions within the last 50 years: Important regularities and starting points of prevention


Violent youths and social control

Prevention and intervention models for public supervisory bodies


Football fans and violent criminals

Motivation and behaviour of football fans and hooligans;

Development of strategies for dealing with violent criminals at big football events


Documentation and analysis of aircraft hijackings

All aircraft hijackings from 1931 to date have been analysed systematically (in individual cases, even in a comprehensive development analysis, completed using data from in-depth interviews with victims, crew members and the lead negotiator). The findings regarding the course of events, relationships between offender and victim, and motivation of the offender became the basis of training concepts for flight crews and negotiation groups.


Motivation for violence

Involvement in the Gewaltkommission [Commission for Violence] of the German Federal Government.


Security analysis in rail traffic

Behavioural and training models for train attendants,which facilitate interaction with passengers prone to violence, were developed and implemented on the basis of our examinations.


Terrorism research

Motivational-psychological examination on the most wanted German terrorists. The Institut für Konfliktforschung und Krisenberatung [Institute for Conflict Research and Crisis Consulting] was a founding member of the Institut für Terrorismusforschung [Institute for Terrorism Research] and created numerous articles for the terrorism intelligence service of this institute.