our working method in organisational psychology

Consulting approach: organisational processes and behaviour

We work on the basis of an organisational-psychological mindset. To us, it is important, when analysing organisations, to focus on the description of roles and processes, on interfaces as well as leadership and controlling instruments.

However, changes will be made in practice only when the attitudes and experiences of the employees concerned as well as the idiosyncrasies and power structures of the organisation are taken into account.

On the basis of well-considered processes and structures, we see the core of change management in the behavioural management of the persons involved and affected.

The same applies analogously to the conception of training measures. To put together the psychological content of a sales training measure, for example, we need to know the particularities of the field employees as well as the product profiles and the market environment. Additionally, we observe the organisational structure, the internal workflows and the leadership culture of the corresponding company. In the interests of a sustained training effect, these areas can also become an object of change.


Consulting scope: analysis, conception and implementation

We aim to understand our customers and their environment well. From a careful analysis, we establish concepts for HR and organisational development in consultation with our clients. We provide active assistance through training or consultation as coaches and moderators in the implementation. We thus ensure that our customers can develop the implementation on their own responsibility.


Consulting background: experience and curiosity

We are pleased to have been associated with many clients over decades.

We register that basic ideas of our interview training and train-the-trainer concepts from the start of the 1980s asserted themselves in pharmaceutical sales and among trainers. Today, our conceptions on manager development programmes published at the start of the 1990s are standard in many companies.

This also applies to the basic categories of the competence profile of our potential analysis. The observations encourage us to pursue new paths on the basis of extensive experience with our clients – paths such as, for example, currently particularly effective designs for the targeted development of managers.

In the area of training, we work with the firm conviction that authentic behaviour as well as perception of communication structures are definitely important success factors when it comes to dealings with other people.

At the same time, in personal areas of focus, we occupy ourselves with many new training approaches and models. It is thus ensured that we work flexibly and, in accordance with the tasks, use adequate methods.


Consulting standard: practice orientation and methodology

In our daily consulting work, we actually frequently experience a balancing act between the poles of practice orientation and methodical correctness.

Many years of experience help us to estimate which approach is practical and effective.

At the same time, we are associated with universities and universities of applied sciences by means of teaching assignments. It is thus ensured that we occupy ourselves with new findings from organisational psychology, repeatedly test them for practical relevance and thus make them useful to our clients.