Questions of our Clients


Companies with locations in dangerous regions

- How can I adequately prepare expatriates?

- What should local crisis management look like and how should it be centrally connected?

- How should employees and their relatives be cared for during and after crises?


Companies whose employees have to de-escalate serious conflict situations

- How should flight or security personnel react to incidents on board?

- How should train attendants react to rowdy (groups of) persons?

- How should you behave in the event of a robbery?

- How can a stalking situation be handled?


Companies with a specific threat scenario

- How do I protect myself from or in the event of product extortions?

- How do I prevent unauthorised access to office and business premises (sabotage, theft, extortion)?

- How do we secure our data and our trade secrets against unauthorised access?

- How do we handle serious threats such as extortions (work in crisis management groups, public relations, negotiations, cooperation with the authorities)?

- How can we prepare for attacks / riot situations?

- How do we support our managers in dealing with specific threats from their working environment (e.g. after announced dismissals)?

- How do we secure company events (e.g. general meetings) against troublemakers and agitators?

- How do we communicate with the public in difficult situations to avoid damage to our reputation?


Families known to possess substantial wealth

- How can I protect my children from threats/abductions?

- How can I secure my personal environment better (home, vehicle, movement profile)?

- How can we motivate our relatives/personnel to behave in a security-conscious way?

- How should we handle new media and use social networks?